Registration for Foreign Nationals

Registrations of Foreign Nationals Under Section 26(1) of the Immigration Act 1971. If you are from one of the below countries, and sixteen years of age or over and intend to study or work in the United Kingdom then you must register with the Police within 7 days of arrival in the United Kingdom. If you or your dependants are required to register with the Police it will be clearly stated on your visa.

Afghanistan                                         Lebanon

Algeria                                                Libya

Argentina                                            Moldova

Armenia                                              Morocco

Azerbaijan                                           North Korea

Bahrain                                               Oman

Belarus                                               Palestine

Bolivia                                                 Peru

Brazil                                                  Qatar

China                                                  Russia

Colombia                                             Saudi Arabia

Cuba                                                   Sudan

Egypt                                                  Syria

Georgia                                               Tajikistan

Iran                                                     Tunisia

Iraq                                                     Turkey

Israel                                                   Turkmenistan

Jordan                                                 United Arab Emirates

Kazakhstan                                         Ukraine

Kyrgyzstan                                          Uzbekistan

Kuwait                                                 Yemen

To register with the police please click here to make an appointment.

To register with the Police you must bring the following: -
  • Your passport.
  • Two passport sized photographs.
  • Documentary details of university/college course being studied/work permit or letter of employment.
  • Details of your address on Merseyside.

The fee is £34 cash only and must be paid on the day of registration.
Foreign Nationals - Change in circumstances

Once you are registered with the police you must report the following changes, please make an appointment by clicking here

  • Any new visa or extensions of stay granted by the Home Office.
  • Change of address.
  • New passport.
  • Any change of college, university, course or occupation.
  • Change of marital status.

At the end of your stay you must return your police registration certificate to us and tell us when you will be leaving the UK.
Please post certificates to:
Nationality Unit
Police Headquarters 
Canning Place 
L1 8JX

For further information contact 0151 777 8549.
Failure to attend for registration with the police may result in a fine of up to £5,000 and/or imprisonment for six months.

Picture Taken By Nick Lakeman

Picture Taken By Nick Lakeman

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