Crime Prevention Advice - Theft From Vehicles - Knowsley

Police in Knowsley are reminding motorists to lock their vehicles at night and keep valuables out of sight after an increase in thefts from motorvehicles over the last couple of months. One of the main reasons for this is owners of vehicles leaving them insecure, often overnight with valuables on display.

Since the beginning of February there have been 28 thefts from vehicles some of which had been left open, insecure, un-alarmed or even unattended with the engine running.

Recently we saw a handbag being stolen from a car in Huyton, a Sat-Nav being taken from a vehicle in Halewood and a mobile taken from a vehicle in Kirkby. All three vehicles had been left insecure.

Chief Inspector Kevin Wellens from the Knowsley Police command team is appealing for the public's help in preventing these crimes.

He states: "People are leaving cars unlocked overnight outside their house and having them stolen while in bed. Or they are failing to activate their alarms or immobilisers, or, in some keys, even leaving their keys in plain sight. This is making it far too easy for opportunistic thieves to get away with their car with minimal fuss.

"Far too many people are still leaving their valuables on display as well. Sat Navs are being left attached to the windscreen, purses and wallets are being left on the seat, mobiles and electronics too. Thieves will think nothing of smashing a window to get at them, leaving the owner with a hefty repair bill and the stress of having their valuables stolen.

"The police will do all we can to investigate these crimes and catch the offenders but the public can help us stop it from happening in the first place.

"The police are working hard to combat these thefts but need the support of the community in preventing these crimes. Please help us by removing all valuables from your vehicles and keep them secure at all times

"Always lock your car, no matter how quick you intend to be, and never leave the keys in the ignition or on display. Keep Sat Navs locked away and out of sight, or better still, take them out of the car with you, along with your cash and anything of value. Park your car in busy, well-lit streets, close to your home and always activate your alarm and any other security features.

"Taking just a few seconds do all this will save you the hours of stress associated with suffering an incident of car crime."

Officers are also reminding motorists that it is an offence to leave a vehicle unattended with the engine running on a road and if it is stolen while the keys are in the ignition it is possible that the theft would not be covered by insurance.

Drivers should take the following advice to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of car theft: 

  • Never leave your vehicle unattended with the engine running
  • Always lock and secure your vehicle and check windows and sunroof are closed
  • Never leave anything on display in your vehicle
  • Mobile phones, coats, bags, sat navs and CDs are all a potential target for thieves take all valuables with you

If you have any information about a crime in your area please call Merseyside Police on 101.