Statement - Section 30 Area - St Helens Town Centre

Merseyside Police is stepping up its efforts to crackdown on anti-social behaviour in St Helens town centre by bringing in a Section 30 'designated area' to stop groups of youths from congregating.

The designated area will run for six months from Monday, 7 April to Monday, 6 October 2014.  It will cover all the public areas inside the following boundary, as well as the roads themselves:

  • Westfield Street to Cotham Street
  • Cotham Street to Bickerstaffe Street
  • Bickerstaffe Street to Library Street
  • Library Street to Corporation Street
  • Corporation Street to Parr Street
  • Parr Street to Linkway East
  • Linkway East to Linkway West
  • and Linkway West to Westfield Street

The order will be in force every day between 5pm and 11pm.

A 'designated area' is a specific area where police officers have the power to:

  • Break up groups of two or more people who are causing anti-social behaviour 
  • Send under 16s home
  • Arrest anyone who ignores their instructions

The area has been authorised by Merseyside Police and is supported by our partner, St Helens Council.

Neighbourhood Inspector for St Helens town centre, Dave Brennan, said: "We have listened to the issues raised by local people and businesses and taken this positive action as part of our on-going plans to tackle anti-social behaviour across the area.

"The dispersal order will be regularly patrolled by uniformed officers who will be targeting the small minority of people who are determined to intimidate the community and cause problems for local businesses.

"It's not aimed at the vast majority of law abiding people in St Helens who will still be free to meet in groups in the town centre.

"I firmly believe this order will make the area a safer place and show our communities that we are determined to do all we can to stamp out anti-social behaviour across the borough." 

Council Leader, Barrie Grunewald, said: "There has been a worrying increase in anti-social behaviour in the town centre at specific times and we are moving to tackle this probelm quickly.

"I want to be very clear that this section 30 order is not related to the issues of skateboarders and I do not expect the powers will be used in dealing with that issue.  Everyone who visits our town centre, young or old, has the right to feel safe and this order will help achieve that."