Six arrested in second wave of police operation

Suspected drug dealers had an early morning wake up call today (Thursday, 19 June 2014) when officers executed warrants at eight addresses in Toxteth and Dingle.

The warrants were executed as part of a second wave of policing activity in relation to a 12-month operation carried out by detectives from the Matrix Serious Organised Crime (MSOC) team supported by the local policing team in addressing concerns from the communities in these two areas.

This morning six people (five men and a woman), aged between 18 years and 47 years, have been arrested and searches of the properties are ongoing.

Last week Merseyside Police demonstrated its commitment to fighting serious and organised crime within these communities by mounting its largest ever strike day. More than 400 officers from across the force took part in the operation last week and 20 people were subsequently charged with various drug and firearms offences.

In the last 12 months officers have recovered six firearms (including two machine pistols) and drugs including heroin, crack cocaine and cannabis with a total estimated street value of £3m (Class A drugs worth £2m and Class B drugs worth £1m) as part of the operation.

Det Supt Chris Green, from the Matrix Serious Organised Crime team, said: "The activity undertaken today and last week supports the work done by the local policing team, who work together with the community day in day out. This operation was carried out in response to concerns raised by the local community and was very much driven by the voices of the local people who wanted their quality of life improved."

Alongside the enforcement activity carried out today officers will also be working with a number of partner agencies, including Addaction, who will be offering treatment for drug users and hopefully a way out of the vicious circle they have found themselves in.

Detective Superintendent Green, added: "This operation is not just about locking people up. Although we are intent on arresting those who are responsible for dealing in controlled drugs and making peoples lives a misery, we are also working with partners to help decent, law-abiding people build stronger communities - this includes communities who have suffered from the acquisitive crime that comes with drug supply, and families torn apart when a loved one falls into the downward spiral of drug addiction.

"Our officers will be working alongside partner agencies including Addaction to ensure that advice and support is on hand to help rehabilitate drug users and rebuild their lives. Treatment and education, working alongside enforcement, are essential components of a long-term solution to breaking the cycle of drugs misuse and criminal behaviour. By helping to significantly reduce drugs activity and associated crimes, it will improve the quality of life in our Neighbourhoods and can only serve to make our communities stronger.

"This operation was set up after local residents raised concerns about drug dealing in their communities and I would like to take this opportunity to stress that if you are aware of drugs crime, or any other crime, in your area let us know and we will take positive action and help you to improve your community."

"People do have a choice. They can live next door to drug dealers who have a constant stream of people knocking on their door for their latest supplies and causing problems for them and their families. Or, if they don't want their children, or grandchildren, growing up in this sort of environment they can make a stand by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Calls to Crimestoppers are anonymous and information provided could give us the opportunity to take robust and positive action in your neighbourhood. By calling today you can make a difference in your community for the future."