Student Safety

It's fresher's week - so time to put aside those books, go out and meet new people. It's important that you enjoy this time, but it's also important to keep yourself safe.  Liverpool is one of the safest cities in the UK and by following these simple tips you'll be a Fresher's week survivor:

1.  There's safety in numbers - try to stick with a group of people.  Make sure you swap numbers with your housemates in case you get separated

2.  Familiarise yourself with the new area before going out.  There's nothing nice about being lost in the dark on your own!

3.  Be sure to eat something before you go out; you won't get drunk as quickly and are less likely to be sick

4.  Don't be pressurised in to drinking more than you want to.  There's nothing wrong with alternating alcohol with drinks of water

5.  Never leave your drink unattended and never accept a drink from someone you don't know

6.  Don't get in the first cab you see - use the cab services recommended at fresher's fayre and save the number to your mobile

7.  Never get into a car or taxi with anyone you don't know

8.  If you're out in a group, look out for each other.  If you decide to go off with someone make sure you let people know where you’re going and who with

9.  Put at least one person you trust on speed dial. In case of an emergency dial 999

10.  At the end of the night if you decide to walk home avoid doing so alone and stick to busier, well lit streets