Savera UK

‘Savera’ meaning ‘new beginning’ in Hindi, is symbolic of the support the charity would provide to those women who are at risk of domestic abuse and harmful practices such as honour-based violence (HBV), female genital mutilation (FGM) and forced marriage.

Recently the role of the charity had to be broadened to a wider geographic area and that the issues were not limited by gender. Males are also vulnerable to HBV and require specific support and tools to address the challenges they face.

Savera UK aims to address, challenge and provide the tools to tackle this cultural taboo. The work that Savera UK undertakes will provide a multi-agency approach to ensure that no vulnerable individuals will be left unaided and can rely on the institutions that are there to protect.

Savera UK’s Aim:
Savera UK operates across the United Kingdom to provide services to individuals from Black Minority Ethnic communities who are at risk of domestic abuse.

The scope of Savera UK’s services may vary from area to area, dependent on the funding available within the specific region.

Service provision by Savera UK:

  • To promote and carry out research
  • To provide advice and one to one support for vulnerable individuals
  • To cooperate with other charities, statutory authorities and agencies to exchange information and advice encouraging best practices and therefore improve service provision
  • To develop and deliver training, conferences and events that raise awareness aimed at tackling domestic abuse and harmful practices within BME communities  
  • To support professionals working with survivors of domestic abuse and harmful practices within BME communities

Savera UK, one of local support partners have released a Film called 'My Savera'

Savera UK worked with Video Journalist Jessica Shaughnessy to create a film that demonstrates the successful work the organisation accomplishes with the clients they support. It tells the story of three Savera UK survivors who have escaped domestic abuse and forced marriage to establish their ‘new beginning’. The film also includes interviews with Savera UK’s founder Afrah Qassim, Savera UK’s patron Nazir Afzal as well as Savera UK board members, staff and partners. This profoundly emotional short film shows the transformation of Savera UK’s clients after the organisation’s incredible support.

Savera UK - 'My Savera' A Survivor's Story from Savera UK on Vimeo.