Knife Crime

Knife Crime

Knife crime, is any crime that involves a sharp or bladed instrument, and can include anything from a kitchen knife or piece of glass to a potato peeler or knitting needle.

Knife crime can range from a threat of violence, where someone is carrying a sharp or bladed instrument to someone who receives an injury as a result of a sharp or bladed instrument.

Merseyside Police works closely with partner agencies across the region to promote and increase public confidence in the force's ability to reduce knife crime across our region. We do this by enforcing the law and we also work to tackle the problem through education. We want to educate people from a young people from an early age about the dangers of carrying a knife and getting involved in violent crime.

Our officers are working to reach young people at the earliest stages to challenge any perception that knives are glamorous. Schools officers are already making inroads through the education system to warn young people about the dangers of becoming involved with knives.

Schools officers across the city undertake a range of activities, including assemblies, a truancy sweep during school hours and after school

The enforcement arm of our approach  - means metal detecting arches, poles, wands  and gloves are regularly employed in and around busy licensed premises as well  as on rail transport links, working with British Transport Police.

We also want the public to help by telling us who is carrying a knife. Anyone with any information about knife crime or if you know someone who is carrying a knife please contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.