Dementia Awareness - Herbert Protocol

Herbert Protocol

Merseyside Police would like to introduce you to The Herbert Protocol – an initiative named after George Herbert, a gentleman - a War veteran of the Normandy landings - who lived with dementia. 

We appreciate that caring for people with dementia is challenging – and that planning ahead and keeping safe is really important.  More than 60% of people living with dementia can at some point start to “walk about”.  Whilst this may only be into the garden or street and returning a short time later, people can get lost and go missing; leading to feelings of confusion, fear and vulnerability - particularly at night time or at times of extreme weather. 

As part of making reasonable life adjustments, we want to help by putting a system in place that will help to give the emergency services the best possible information should there be a need for them to become involved in a search for someone with dementia.

The Herbert Protocol is just that; by joining the Protocol, the Police would gain access to important information as soon as possible, helping to speed up and simplify the response, ensuring that the right information is readily available so that the search can be targeted appropriately and effectively.

The Herbert Protocol Missing Person Incident form can be downloaded here. The form records all vital details including medication required, mobile numbers, places of interest or significance.

In the event of a family member going missing, the form and an up to date photograph can be handed to police, reducing the time taken in gathering this information and ensuring that the search for the missing person is started without delay. 

Guidance about The Herbert Protocol can be downloaded here.