Staying safe this Autumn

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Autumn has arrived and with it the celebration of Halloween and Bonfire Night.

This is our busiest time of the year because despite all of the fun and family activities, the behaviour of a small minority of people can sometimes spoil the fun for everyone else.

Your Local Policing Team will continue to work with communities to tackle anti-social behaviour and you will see more officers on patrol during this period.

We are working with partners and communities to take illegal fireworks off the streets and keep people safe. We would encourage you to attend an organised bonfire/firework displays.

General tips for the Halloween period

Some of the typical problems exerienced during this time can be avoided by taking a few small steps:

  • Lock away any building materials if you're having work done, particularly if any of them could be used to cause damage to property or person
  • Make sure your wheelie bin is stored somewhere safe - don't leave them in the open as they can be a target for vandals
  • Keep pets indoors - they may get frightened by fireworks
  • Look out for elderly or vulnerable neighbours, particularly on key evenings, as they may need extra assurance. Taking the time to sit with them for a short period, or having a cup of tea can make a real difference

If you are a parent, there are some pointers on keeping your children safe:

  • Take them to an organised firework display or other activities
  • Encourage them to look at the autumn fun activities on this website for a list of activities and events going on in your area
  • Don't let them play with fireworks - it is dangerous and illegal
  • Don't let them take anything out of the house that could be used for anti-social behaviour or thrown people or homes i.e. eggs, flour, paint.
  • Explain the consequences of any such actions to your children - what they consider to be harmless fun can frighten other people
  • Ask them to think how they would feel if someone was throwing things at their elderly relative's home
  • If your children are going out, make sure you know where they are going. If possible, drop them off and pick them up from their activity. If not, agree with them before they go out what time they should be home.

A quick guide to staying safe over the Halloween and fireworks season

  • Follow the Firework Code
  • Go to properly organised displays
  • Stay a safe distance away from bonfires
  • Do not throw discarded fireworks onto bonfires. Spent fireworks may still have powder left in them and fireworks that have not gone off still contain all their explosives.
  • When lighting fireworks make sure you wear the right clothing.
  • Do not wear clothing that exposes bare skin to the danger of fireworks. Tuck scarves in, rather than letting them trail, so they don't catch alight.
  • Keep pets indoors