999 - For emergency calls only

F -control -room

If it's an emergency call 999

Call this number if:
 - A crime is happening now
 - Someone is injured
 - You or someone else is in danger
 - The person who has committed the offence is still there or is nearby

Reporting an emergency if you are deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech impediment

  • By text phone (Typetalk) You can contact the police using Typetalk emergency line 18000.
  • By SMS text message. You can also use the Emergency SMS (ESMS) service to send an emergency text message. Before you are able to send an emergency text message you will need to register your mobile phone with the system.

What happens when you call us?

The way we get your call and deal with it depends on which number you use.

When you dial 999, your call goes to an operator at the telephone company who will ask which service you need. If you ask for police, they will put you through to us. Our Call Handler will ask about what's happening and whether you are in danger, and if necessary arrange for a police officer or officers to come to you. The 999 service is for emergencies. Please remember that if all the operators are tied up talking about non-emergency situations, a critical call about a life or death situation may be held up for several valuable minutes.

Emergency Response

We need to get to you immediately.

Non-emergency - Priority response

Whilst we don’t need to get to you immediately, your call has indicated that we need to come and see you as a priority so we would aim, where possible, to come and see you within an hour.

Non-emergency - Scheduled response

Used where we will make an agreed appointment with you for an officer to meet with you at an agreed location.