We support A21's Can You See Me? campaign against modern slavery. A21 is a non-profit organisation that aims to 'abolish slavery everywhere, forever'.

Can You See Me? exists to make people aware of the millions of men, women, and children who are currently trapped in slavery across the world.

Our goal is to turn awareness into action by giving people enough knowledge to report tips to national hotlines when they suspect trafficking, so we can identify and help victims.

Sex trafficking

Sex trafficking, also known as sexual exploitation, is the second-largest type of exploitation in the UK and would not exist without the demand for commercial sex flourishing across the country.

Sex trafficking means recruiting, transporting, or holding a person by use of threats, coercion, deception, or abuse of position of power over vulnerable people, in order to sexually exploit them.

Modern slavery

Modern slavery is a hidden crime, often in the nail/beauty sector where there's ample opportunity for it to take place.

Nail bar sector feature casual practises like cash in hard and informal contracts. Many people working in plain sight in UK nail bars are in fact modern slaves. 

Forced labour

Forced labour, also known as labour trafficking, is the most common form of exploitation in the UK. Here, someone is forced to work using:

  • force or physical threats
  • psychological coercion
  • abuse of the legal process
  • deception
  • other coercive means

Forced labour often occurs when the formal sector meets the informal, hidden economy. Car washes, for example, are established industries yet informal, unofficial, and casual practises can easily take place there: cash in hand, for example.