Unfortunately due to current COVID-19 restrictions, the force has had to postpone the below scheme until further notice. Please check back regularly for updates.

Are you interested in joining Merseyside Police?  Have you ever wondered what working for the Police involves?  Have you considered that there are many other roles within the Force other than that of a Police Officer?  Our “Observer Scheme” offers the opportunity to visit specific parts of the Policing family where you would get to spend the day or even a few hours within one of our many teams, departments or out on patrol (please see FAQ’s for further detail). 

Designed to give you a first-hand perspective of the range of duties that our Police Officers and Support Staff fulfil as part of their everyday work, you would get to experience what life is like as a member of Merseyside Police.

For example, if you were did not wish to take part in a Police patrol but were more interested in how the Roads Policing Unit operates, there would be someone available to speak to you regarding this. The same would go for the Cannabis Dismantling Team or a Control Room Operator.  We have a Mounted Section that you could go and visit to find out more about why we still have our horses and the important work they do for the Force.  There are plenty of other departments, most of which you can find within the Merseyside Police Website.

Why do we offer this scheme?

We feel that it is vital that we provide the opportunity for members of our community to see and experience how we, on a daily basis, work as One Team to put the needs of our communities first in everything we do. We want to build trust and foster a closer working relationship between ourselves and the communities we serve and a great way of doing this is for us to get to know you and your concerns and for you to get to know what we do and why we do it.

Who is it for?

It is open to anyone aged 18 years or over who has an interest in Merseyside Police.  You don’t have to want to become a Police Officer or member of Police staff to apply but this is an excellent opportunity for those who do.

How do I apply?

For now, the scheme is temporarily on hold due to Covid-19. Please continue to visit the website for updates regarding our ability to welcome you participate.

How to contact us

For any enquiries, please see the FAQ’s or contact [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several reasons people take part in the Observer Scheme; you may have a particular interest in a specific department/area of policing and wish to see what work is carried out, or you may have a desire to become a Police Officer and as such would prefer to accompany an officer “on the beat” to see what challenges they face on a daily basis.

Or perhaps you have been a victim of crime and as such wish to see how the Force works with and supports victims.

No. You will have a high-viz jacket/waterproof with “Community Observer” on the back of it to distinguish you form the Police Officers.

If you are interested in visiting a specific department, you will be expected to travel to where that department is based.  However, if you are opting to spend the day with a Police Officer on patrol, you will be given an option of one of the Neighbourhood Policing teams and their subsequent stations- depending on availability and resources.

No. Prior to the day you will receive instructions from the organiser which will outline venue/times etc.  On the day of your visit, you will be given a full briefing by the Officer/Staff member responsible and have the opportunity to clarify anything.

With the threat of COVID, you would be expected to wear a mask whilst you are within a Police Car.  If any other protection equipment is required, you will be supplied with this at the start of your day.

You would be asked to withdraw to a place of safety.  If the Officer needs to transport a prisoner in the vehicle, alternative transport will be found for you. 

You will need to bring some form of photographic ID with you on the day.  As you will be spending either half a day or a full day with a team, it is recommended that you bring refreshments with you, as well as any personal medication that you may require.

No.  Risk Assessments are in place for the different Departments you will visit.  These along with instructions from the Staff/Officer you are with are designed to keep you safe.

No.  Although Common Law allows people to assist in detaining people who are known to have committed an offence, we do not allow it for your protection from possible litigation as well as your personal safety whilst an observer. 

Yes.  Every person who spends time on Police Premises are required to be vetted.  This is similar to a Criminal Records check

Yes.  Vetting is completed in a different way to the DBS checks.  If you pass vetting for the Observer Scheme, it does not necessarily mean you will pass vetting to become a member of Police Staff as the vetting is different depending on what role you are applying for.

Yes.  We do not have an exhaustive list of convictions/cautions that would stop you from taking part in the Observer Scheme.  Each application is looked at and a decision will be made depending on certain factors, for example, what the conviction was, how long ago the incident happened and your age at the time of the offence.

It would inevitably give you some knowledge about the Force which may enhance any future applications but it would not in itself form part of evidence needed to show competence in a role being applied for.