Please note: if you submitted a road traffic incident report on this site, you'll be able to download a copy of your report once you've submitted it. That report is a collision report. You can then send that report to your insurance company or solicitor. 

We make road traffic collision reports available only where:

  1. someone was injured, and
  2. the injury was reported to the police within 30 days of the collision

To request a report you need to complete the request a collision report form and email it to us.

You’ll need:

  • collision reference number (see below for number types)
  • collision date
  • your client’s name
  • your client’s date of birth
  • location of accident
  • your client’s vehicle registration number if relevant

We’ll tell you when we can release the report and invite you to pay. Please don’t send payment until we ask for it. See below for fees and payment details.

Types of Merseyside Police reference number

  • A NICHE RMS Occurrence number is ten digits long and starts 0514 or 0515, for example, depending on the year of the report.
  • A call log reference number, often called a STORM number, will start MP-yyyymmdd- and end with a four-digit number.
  • Road traffic collision (RTC) files from 2014 and older may start with a letter (A-F) in A12345-14 format.

How long does it take?

If you’re requesting a copy of the report it can take up to 12 weeks from the date that we bank your payment to process your request.

If you’re requesting the details of a third party it can take up to 21 days from the date that we bank your payment to process your request.

Please note, collision accident reports can only be released once the case has been closed.

Costs and payment

We accept payment by cheque or Bacs.

Cheque payment

Make a cheque payable to ‘PCC for Merseyside’ for the relevant fee and send it to:

RTC Administration MSOC Business Support WR
c/o Police headquarters
Canning Place
L1 8JX

Bacs payment

Please don’t send Bacs payments until we confirm we have the information you need.

  • account no: 42020785
  • sort code: 40-29-08
  • account name: Police & Crime Commissioner for Merseyside
  • electronic payment reference: use the collision reference number

You must include just one remittance and one payment per reference number.

You must also include:

  • the reference number (see types of Merseyside Police reference number, above)
  • client name and date of birth
  • collision date and location
  • vehicle registration number (if applicable)


Initial RTC searches, including a copy of the third party details or incident log: £36.00.

For details of other charges relating to RTC report requests, please download our list of fees and charges at the bottom of the page.

Emailing personal information

Please don’t send personal information via standard email: we can’t respond. Use secure mail.

If you don’t have secure email, we’ll send personal information via Egress encrypted email. This means you need to follow a one-time simple sign-up process so you can read the mail. We’ll send the link to this secure process in the same email.

If you have trouble viewing or accessing links in your emails, copy into your web browser to view any package we send securely, or to sign up.