Merseyside Police is made up of many different departments. Each department has a different focus, but they all work together towards the vision of providing the region with excellent policing.

Our services include helping to create a safer Merseyside by using our expertise to design out crime. We are also responsible for preparing for emergencies and involved in the policing of all the major event across Merseyside.

Our understanding of crime prevention is used to help developers and architects design buildings and their surrounding areas to be safer for communities and deter criminals from committing crimes.

We've found when buildings, pavements, lighting and other everyday street features are designed and built using our crime reduction guidelines, there is a large reduction in crime and disorder. This also helps make people feel safer and more likely to go out and about after dark, which also helps to deter criminal activity in the first place.

By working with developers, planning officers and architects from the early planning stages we are able to make sure crime prevention is built into the designs of buildings.

CSAS was introduced under the Police Reform Act 2002 to enable Police Forces and their partners to work more effectively with organisations and employees who positively contribute towards community safety.

CSAS is invaluable in extending the formal policing of communities by using the skills and professional abilities of non-police operators in partnership with the police.  The real strength of CSAS is combining knowledge and operational capability for the good of a specific community or location.

Schemes work under carefully monitored jointly agreed protocols covering operational matters such as information and intelligence sharing, joint operations, performance monitoring and general working relationships between the police, the CSAS employee and the location they work in.  Where appropriate people accredited under CSAS, known as Accredited Persons (AP), may be given limited 'police' powers to help them deal with low level offending such as littering or disorderly behaviour.  They may also be given the power to require people suspected of offending to provide their details.

Community Safety Accreditation is about focusing combined resources to deliver a first class service to our communities.

Schemes are not intended to replace police officers or lead to noticeable increases in detections; however in time we should see reductions in disorder coupled with increased intelligence and public confidence in partnership 'policing'.   

In partnership with Local Authorities, several Police Forces have successfully utilised CSAS to accredit traffic management companies with, for example, the power to direct traffic at planned events.  The advantage of this type of CSAS is that disruption to local residents and road users is kept to a minimum whilst reliance on the police is significantly less. 

Merseyside Police has decided to run a pilot Community Safety Accreditation Scheme in respect of Traffic Management. 

The pilot will focus on the following powers relating to events planned across the county - they are:

  • Power to control traffic for purposes other than escorting a load of exceptional dimensions.
    • Paragraph 8B of Schedule 5 to the Police Reform Act  2002 (inserted by paragraph 20 of Schedule 8 to the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005).
  •  Power to require name and address: Road Traffic Offences. 
    • Paragraph 3A of Schedule 5 to the Police Reform Act 2002 (inserted by paragraph 19 of Schedule 8 to the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005).

Relevant agencies are invited to apply for accreditation, providing they fit the specified criteria stated within the Police Reform Act 2002. Further details available in the Guide attached.

The accreditation period is for 3 years but will be initially reviewed within the first 12 months.  The Chief Constable has the right to withdraw accreditation from the accredited company and/or any accredited person at any time within the specified period.  The scheme will be monitored by the Community Engagement Unit and the force Roads Policing Unit.

Further development of CSAS within Merseyside Police is ultimately an operational decision for the Chief Constable.   Merseyside Police currently views such schemes as a real opportunity not only for the force but also for our partners and therefore we welcome your views by way of consultation. 

For more information please contact the Community Engagement Unit - Sergeant Keith Burke on 0151 777 8527 or Rebecca Johnson on 0151 777 4182 or via [email protected].

Our Force Operations Department includes a Contingency Planning and Projects Section that looks after the planning of large scale police operations and produces contingency plans for disruptive situations like serious accidents, terrorist activity or firearms incidents.

We work with national and local government to make sure we can respond effectively to any critical incident or emergency, and we carry out regular exercises to test our readiness. If there is a serious attack, accident or any other incident that disrupts normal activity we not only have to be able to deal with the event itself, we are obliged by law to be able to continue with our normal police activities.

We also visit buildings and sites within the area to build up a picture of the risks the may present and develop plans for minimising the dangers. Our plans fit under six headings.

  • General
  • Infrastructure, such as John Lennon Airport and the Mersey Tunnel
  • Terrorism
  • Chemical hazards
  • Secure or vulnerable buildings, such as prisons and hospitals
  • Sporting venues

Victim Care Merseyside, is a new care and support service which puts victims at the centre of the region’s police service and criminal justice system.

The service is designed to give victims the best possible help to cope and recover from the after effects of crime and ensure victims get enhanced support from the first moment they report a crime to Merseyside Police right through to greater emotional support and increased counselling and therapeutic services.

Included within the new Victim Care Merseyside package is a new victims’ referral system delivered by Merseyside Police which will ensure people affected by crime are directed straight to the best placed teams to support them and increase the number of face-to-face visits, while also reducing duplication and costs; six key new support services providing additional care to some of the most vulnerable; and a dedicated new victims’ website

Through the new Victim Care Merseyside referral system, as soon as a victim reports a crime, Merseyside Police’s trained call handers will carry out a rapid vulnerability assessment, to identify their needs. They will then use this information to direct the person straight to the dedicated teams who are best placed to help them. This ranges from the existing multi-agency safeguarding teams staffed by the police and a range of partner agencies for the most vulnerable victims, the Force’s specialist teams such as the anti-hate crime SIMGA unit, the sexual offences UNITY team or the Neighbourhood teams. This replaces the previous referral process which saw a victim’s details being sent to an external agency.

By making these changes, the PCC has released funds to pay for five dedicated new risk assessors who will focus on ensuring the most vulnerable people get the protection and care they need and 12 new PCSOs who will strengthen the Neighbourhood teams and visit more victims. These officers will then help victims get all the additional support they need, either by signposting them to external charities and organisations, arranging for on-going volunteer visits or providing crime prevention advice and tips.

To enhance this service, Jane has also funded six new pan-Merseyside specialist support services, providing vital support to people affected by some of the most serious crimes.

These services are:

  1. An entirely new support service for victims of Child Sexual Exploitation – provided by Catch 22  
  2. A new serviced dedicated to supporting children and young people affected by Domestic Abuse - provided by Listening Ear
  3. Enhanced support for victims of Sexual Offences -  jointly provided by RASA/RASASC
  4. Vulnerable victim support service provided by Victim Support        
  5. A new Hate Crime Advocacy Service delivered by a consortium led by the Anthony Walker Foundation
  6. This service will be complemented by the pilot of a new pan-Merseyside support service for high-risk victims of Hate Crime & ASB  - provided by Light for Life

The final piece of the Victim Care Merseyside jigsaw is a dedicated new victims’ website which provides a one-stop shop of information and advice. The website enables users to search for organisations by crime type or geographical area or both, so they can directly access the best organisations to help them, whether they report it to the police or not.

Launch of new national information service for victims of crime gives quick and easy access to support, please find out more information.


Our Force Operations Department works to ensure that everyday life continues as smoothly as possible during major sporting or entertainment events like the Mathew Street Festival, VIP visits to Merseyside, big race meetings at Aintree or public demonstrations. We're proud of our reputation for ensuring events take place safely.

We work in partnership with the companies organising the events to advise on venues and routes, marshalling and safety, and first aid provision. Our main aim is to help ensure that the event meets the expectations of the organisers and the people taking part while causing as little nuisance or disruption as possible to the rest of the community.

If you intend to arrange a sports or entertainment event that will attract large crowds or take place within public spaces, such as a festival in a park, a road race or a protest march or gathering, you should contact the Operations and Events Section of the Force Operations Department at our Headquarters in Canning Place.

Merseyside Police currently maintains a list of contact details for Defence Solicitor firms in the region to enable us to issue automated Emails providing details of your client’s relevant disposals, for e.g. Charge, NFA, Re-bail etc.

These notifications will only be sent to a CJSM Secure Email Service. If you are not already set up with CJSM and wish to take advantage of this service then you should visit

The service is free with no cost to you in setting up the secure Email or in receiving notifications. If you wish to be added to the list of solicitors then you should take a look at the letter and form on the links below.

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