It’s a fact that if people are happy and feel accepted and valued for who they are, they’re more productive. Merseyside Police tries hard to make everyone feel content and supported at work and are proud to have a range of different staff associations and networks available. They serve a dual purpose of providing advice and support to individuals and supporting the force.

  • Disability Support Network (DSN): The Disability Support Network was established to support disabled staff and officers, providing a forum for individuals to seek guidance and support including sharing best practice and assisting with the impact assessment process on policies and procedures.

  • LGBT+ Network: Since 2001, Merseyside Police has had a vibrant and diverse LGBT+ network. The network comprises of people from across the organisation. We offer networking opportunities, confidential support and we strive towards an inclusive workplace where we can all be our true selves. 

  • Merseyside Black Asian and Minority Ethnic Police Association (BAME): This is an inclusive network which recognises the fundamental importance of having a diverse and representative work force in order to provide a legitimate and effective police service. We aim to value difference, support and encourage BAME staff and to maintain and strengthen relationships between the police and our communities. We are committed to working together and with others in order to promote inclusivity, and eliminate bias, racism, discrimination, intolerance and inequality wherever it lies.

  • Merseyside Parity 21: This network aims to promote gender equality in 21st century policing, ensuring that the value and contribution of female officers and staff are fully recognised and they are helped to reach their full potential.

  • Part-Time and Flexible Workers Network: The aim of the network is to support and promote an agile working environment, which allow those who may require part-time and flexible working agreements to have equality of opportunity.

  • Christian Police Association: This is a national charity which aims to provide a national voice for Christians in policing, encouraging and supporting staff and helping to build stronger relationships between the force and the wider Christian community.

  • Catholic Police Guild: The purpose of the Catholic Police Guild is to cater for the spiritual needs of the Catholic Police family. They aim to provide members with a better understanding of their Catholic Faith and its relevance to the Police service vocation and help them to apply Christian principles in the performance of their duties.