Q) What were your reasons for joining Merseyside Police?

A) At school I was never sure what I wanted to do as a career, however I was fortunate enough at 17 to spend a week in Merseyside Police with an Inspector as part of work experience. I enjoyed my time so much that I then went on to study Uniformed Public Services in college.

Sadly though, due to the lack of recruitment window at the time and my limited life experience I wanted to go out and get experience before returning to the job. Finally, over the last year I made a conscious effort to improve my health and fitness and knew that if I didn’t apply now I never would.

Q) What was it about the PEQF scheme that attracted you the most?

A) The biggest pull was being able to join the police, but being able to earn a degree at the same time is a huge bonus for me. I really feel that having that qualifications to go alongside the experience I gain will really enable me to progress further in my career and give me the confidence in my decision making.

Q) How did you find the recruitment process?

A) I found it ok, there are quite a few stages to the process so I made sure I did as much preparation as possible to give myself the best chance of getting through, especially the fitness test. The HR team kept in regular contact with me and were able to answer any questions that I had.  So definitely tougher than other jobs I’ve had, but it was all worth it.

Q) How have you found your PEQF experience so far?

A) I’m really enjoying it, I feel that there is a lot to learn so I know there will be a lot of work/pressure ahead of me with the studying as well but that is only what I expected. The practical training we have done so far just reinforces my decision, I find the role exciting and challenging and it gives me a buzz that no two days will be the same.