My experiences of Voluntary Work with Merseyside Police have been quite enlightening.

Having spent 40 years in the entertainment world, 15 years as a Health and Safety Manager over 20 years with Southport Homewatch and now approximately 15 years as a Police Volunteer are much varied careers.

It was at a Homewatch meeting I met an Officer who fully explained the volunteering role and from there I eventually became a Police Volunteer before signing the Official Secrets Act.

Based at Southport Police Station I work in the Enquiry Office and where possible I obtain as much information as I can from Members of the Public etc. make notes and pass it on to the Duty Officer who then deals with the enquiry. At times I give directions to members of the Public who are looking for a certain Street, I sign in/out Visitors and Contractors to the Station and supply them with a Visitors pass. I also check and sign for any deliveries to the station. Answer the phone as when necessary and deal with other tasks as and when required.