What made you apply for the role of PCSO at Merseyside Police?

I have always had an interest in the police, but never felt ready to apply. I previously worked for our family business but always had a longing to do something for myself and help make a difference for people so I just thought I would go for it and see what happened.

What does your role as a PCSO involve?

Each day is different, some days I could be tasked to conduct reassurance visits to victims of crime, the next day I could be delivering schools talks or preserving crime scenes. We can be asked to respond to 999 calls and assist our fellow constables at crime scenes. Any of the intelligence we gather also helps contribute towards tackling crime and understanding the different needs and priorities of our communities.

What is the most challenging thing about the job?

When I first started, I found the confrontation from people hard to deal with. But once you build up your confidence and experience and realise that it’s not personal towards you, it’s much easier. Any of the negative comments I have learnt to take on the chin now!

What’s your most memorable job?

I have two…

  1. An elderly woman who had a hearing impairment was being repeatedly targeted by a younger female posing to be a carer. The female would attend the property stealing belongings, bank cards and money. Once the female had been located and arrested, I helped to provide aftercare to check she was ok and assisted in arranging funding for cameras and monitors to be installed in her home to help prevent further incidents and to make the woman feel safer within her own home.
  2. A was part of a patrol who were first on scene to a 10-year-old boy whose mum sadly passed away, whilst shopping in a supermarket. On top of the formal safeguarding he received, I helped provide support to the boy and his family and sourced funding through partner agencies which helped fund a bicycle, safety equipment and gift vouchers. The items won’t replace his mother; however, I hope to think that they helped bring a smile to his face during a sad and difficult time.