The streets we protect, the communities we support, the people we serve. It's what we live for, it's who we are. That's what makes it easy to commit ourselves, to build a career giving front-line Police Officers the support they need. Across every team, the decisions we make and the things we do every day, make our towns and cities safer. From ICT and HR to finance and communications, whatever your background, wherever you want to take your career, however you want to specialise, we’ll help you find your beat.

Have a look at some of the vital roles that our police staff play below:

Our corporate support and development strand covers a range of teams and business areas. It’s a complex department with lots of different roles.

Our Analytics and Evaluation team focuses on providing high quality, relevant and actionable research and analysis support to enable informed decision making and manage resource deployment.

Our News and Communication team produce accessible and timely communications via a range of channels to support the Force’s strategic priorities. As well as shaping how the force communicates with the public, they are also responsible for our internal communication, ensuring all our staff are kept informed and up to date.

The Response and Resolution strand or ‘R and R’ for short operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They make up what people often think of as the ‘front line’ of Merseyside Police.

Our Contact Centre team handle all emergency (999) calls as well as 101 non-emergency calls, emails online crime reports and also deal with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  Contact Handlers create incident reports and compile and update crime reports from members of the public and Police Officers, conducting an initial investigation based upon the details provided.

People Services support the force by ensuring we have the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time. People Services recruit the best and most diverse talent, and nurture the talent already within the force.

Occupational Health is part of this section, as is our Wellbeing team, Employee Relations, Training & Learning and our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion team.

Our force intelligence officers are responsible for monitoring strategic, tactical and emerging issues so that they can keep senior police officers briefed and help guide police priorities. They have the complex job of collating and gathering all of the force intelligence which comes from a variety of different sources and using it in the most productive way to help the force reduce serious and organised crime.

Being part of Investigations is all about the challenge of problem-solving and this strand is driven by the need to detect and solve the devastating crimes that can affect individual lives and whole communities across Merseyside.

This strand has people in roles as varied as detention officers (the people who look the welfare of prisoners in our custody) case file builders (the experts who make sure the cases our investigators have worked on are as good as they can be and are ready to take to court) and coroners officers (those who liaise with the families of people who have died suddenly and support the work of the coroner).

The quality of the service we give to anyone relying on us in their time of need is paramount and it’s in criminal justice where the work done on the streets or during an emergency is turned into the protection of vulnerable victims and witnesses and the pursuit and prosecution of criminals.

This strand is the clockwork that keeps us all ticking. The public might only see the clock-face, but it’s Resources that keeps the dial turning. From the roofs over our heads to the tech at our fingertips – they make it happen.

Our Transport and Fleet team make sure everyone has access to state-of-the-art vehicles so we can always have the right car/van/horse carrier at the right location.

Our cleaning services and estate and facilities management teams help make sure our buildings are fit for purpose and cost-effective.

ICT are responsible for maintaining our communications systems, applications and networks. Our ICT specialists make sure we have the latest telecommunications and technology to support a highly mobile and flexible workforce and help us meet the demands of policing in the 21st century.

Our finance team are responsible for the preparation and control of the Force’s revenue and capital budgets and includes areas such as procurement, supplies and accounting. They help to keep our finances in check and order all our uniforms and specialist equipment so all our staff have the tools they need to get the job done.