We are currently recruiting for transferee Detective Constables and Constables.

Applications will close on Friday 24th September 2021

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Why join us?

Merseyside Police is a forward thinking well respected police force that recognises and rewards policing excellence - when joining us you can expect a range of career opportunities and continuous career growth.
Merseyside Police is an equal opportunities employer and wants to have a workforce representative of the communities that we police and serve. We promote positive action and offer support and mentoring to all staff and potential applicants and candidates from underrepresented groups. We are specifically welcoming applications from candidates who are from underrepresented groups to transfer to Merseyside Police.

We are currently seeking applications from suitably qualified candidates to transfer to Merseyside Police for the role of Detective Constable and Constable.
We have vacancies across the force in the following strands: - Local Policing, Investigations, Response and Resolution, and Criminal Justice and will be reviewing applications on an individual, case by case basis.
Every effort will be made to meet individual preferences, but this cannot always be guaranteed as postings are determined by the resourcing needs of the organisation.Applicants must meet the following criteria:
  • For Detective Constable Transferees, officers must be PIP2 qualified or hold a valid NIE pass and working towards PIP2
  • Be a current serving Police Officer in a Home Office Force
  • Hold a valid PST or be willing to have one within Merseyside as part of the transferee process
  • Have no outstanding discipline or integrity issues
  • Declare any business interests at the time of applying
  • Meet the Forces attendance standards
We are currently accepting applications from candidates still in their probation period. Please answer all questions on your application completely and we will contact you directly for further information.
This will enable us to determine the most relevant training programme for you within our Force. Further information regarding the College Of Policing policy on transferees can be found below in the supporting documents.The closing date for receipt of completed applications is currently Friday 31st December 2021 however our lines will remain open with a view to review each application on a case by case basis. 

Application Stage
Applicants must apply online and complete an electronic application form via the recruitment system.

Sifting Stage
Applications are sifted to ensure applicants meet eligibility criteria as outlined above.
Pre-Employment Stage
Candidates who pass the sifting stage will be asked to complete the following pre-employment checks which must meet our requirements before any offer of employment is issued:-

  • Attendance record – We will require a copy of your attendance record from your home Force covering the last 3 years
  • Physical fitness test –  to be taken in own Force and results provided to Merseyside Police
  • Vetting / Reference - Background checks and vetting will be carried out, including Outside Force and Discipline checks by the Force Vetting Unit
  • Quality Assurance - process of application via current force (including appraisal reports / references (as above) / professional standards unit). Checking no outstanding disciplinary/complaints against applicants.
  • Financial Position - Police Officers are in a privileged position with regard to access to information and could be considered potentially vulnerable to corruption.  They should not therefore be under pressure from undischarged debts or liabilities and should be able to manage loans and debts sensibly. Schedule 1 of Police Regulations 2003 states that a member of a police force shall not wilfully refuse or neglect to discharge any lawful debt.  Your application will therefore be checked to determine and verify your financial position.
  • Business Interests – Applicants are required to declare any business interests which will need approval by a Merseyside Chief Officer before we progress your application.
  • Medical - You will be required to attend a medical appointment at Merseyside Police which will be arranged by the HR Shared Service and Occupational Health Unit.
  • Biometrics - Samples will only be taken at this pre-employment stage and not in any preceding part of this recruitment process.

Offer of Employment
On the satisfactory completion of all pre-employment checks, you will be sent an offer letter confirming your start date and posting details.