I enrolled on the Cadet Programme in 2016 and completed it in 2017. I previously volunteered in the CEU from 2015 – 2017.

Since leaving Cadets, I completed a degree in Criminology and starting working a month later in the OHU as a Grade A Admin / Clerical Officer from June 2019 – February 2020. This role required me to deal with general enquiries, book medical appointments for Police Officers, maintain Police Officers health records, create wellbeing material to distribute across the whole Force and take new Police recruits to their medicals.

I then got promoted to a Grade C Resource Planning Assistant and started this role in March 2020. This is my current role that I thoroughly enjoy.

As a Resource Planning Assistant, I organise and provide staff for Force Operations. For example, crime scenes, search teams, warrants, house to house enquiries, etc. I also currently have a specific responsibility of resourcing for the FCC. This involves providing staff for Force Operations and assessing, analysing and filling the gaps with overtime / duty extensions if they’re short-staffed in the room.

My current role is enjoyable, yet demanding, as not every day is the same. I knew I wanted to work for Merseyside Police before enrolling on the Cadet programme, however I was unsure as to which specific department I wanted to work for. When I started in the OHU through an agency (which was in the office next door to the FRU), I was always fascinated by what the role of a Resource Planning Assistant entails and it was at that moment I knew that I wanted to work in the FRU.

Completing the Police Cadets programme has definitely enriched my knowledge in Merseyside Police as an organisation, as well as the variety of departments, procedures and strategies the Force utilises on a daily basis. It has also helped me grow as a person in numerous ways.

Firstly, networking with several positive role models in Merseyside Police increased my motivation immensely. As a Cadet, I always loved hearing people’s stories of how they commenced their career and how they progressed, therefore meeting such inspirational individuals proved to be an evident key motivator for me to work for Merseyside Police.

I believe the programme has also increased my confidence immensely. By completing tasks that were out of my comfort zone, e.g. delivering presentations in front of several people, these opportunities have allowed me to grow and develop skills I felt that I needed to improve on and utilise more.

My first piece of advice would be to make the most of all the extra events. These opportunities will only come once, so this is your chance to learn something new and gain new skills and enhance your knowledge of Merseyside Police. This is particularly beneficial for those who would like to build a career in Merseyside Police, as each event involves a different department, which will help you decide where exactly in Merseyside Police you would like to see yourself working.

If you are unsure as to whether you would like to build a career in Merseyside Police, these events prove to be excellent opportunities to develop new skills and undertake tasks nobody else has completed, which would be incredibly useful for any job applications that you will submit in the future and will make you stand out from other applicants.

I would also advise to ask as many questions as you want and show enthusiasm and interest. The Cadet experience and your career path is personal to you, therefore if there is something you would like to know more about, always enquire and gain as much information as you need. Showing enthusiasm and interest is definitely a positive skills to possess, hence offering to observe or shadow any police departments you are interested in will also prove to be a useful experience that could potentially shape your career path.

I also recommend going out of your comfort zone and facing your fears. A large aspect of the Cadet programme is revolved around personal development, therefore undertaking different experiences that you would normally shy away from will evidently help with developing new skills and overcoming any fears you may have.

Finally – have fun. The year goes by fast so make the most of it!